I love Orphan Black! I was hooked at the moment when right before Elizabeth jumps in front of a train she sees Sarah and they realized they are identical. This show is so much awesome. There's: The CLONES! The ACTING! The FASHION! The MYSTERIES! Oh and that TAIL SCENE! Oh, how I love it. (Seriously, can I get Kerry Washington and Tatiana Maslany in a show or movie together? Or at least they guest star for like an episode or two on each other's show. TM in Scandal and KW in Orphan Black.....That would be great!) Go Clone Club!


There has been one thing that has been giving me the sads...I cannot find Cosima's glasses anywhere! You know the ones I am talking about right?(See gif below if you don't)

Since BBC America has been showing reruns, I was hoping there was renewed interest in the show and I want to know if there was any Clone Clubbers or Neolutionists who can help. I want those glasses and maybe try on some other pairs that are in the same style family or designer but I can never find anything that is remotely similar.

Is there any hope for me to find some? I have included more pictures because Cosima is awesome and for reference.