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Yo, is this racist?

I know everyone is probably sick of the World Cup. I'm sorry.

But something in the last games of the tournament (particularly Brazil-Netherlands) really bothered me: the continual characterization of Brazil as "undisciplined" in comparison to the Netherlands and Germany's "disciplined" squads.

Now, the Brazilian team had a lot of flaws, although I won't be discussing them because my heart has broken enough, thank you very much. But the characterization of those flaws as a lack of discipline as a opposed to a lack of teamwork, a lack of organization, a lack of leadership (in the game against Germany), reads to me as at least a little racist. Unlike disorganized or disjointed, "undisciplined" seems to carry a personality value statement. A team is undisciplined if they don't practice enough, if they don't work hard enough - and we all know the stereotype of the lazy/partying/wild brown person. Moreover, the comparison doesn't really make sense; I don't really see Arjen Robben flinging himself to the ground 100x a game as the height of discipline, personally.


As a whole, the non-Latino commentators seemed to really favor the teams that were mostly white, and on the South American teams, the players who were white or the closest thing to it.

I should note that I had this feeling before the World Cup, when watching the premiere league - for instance, I see a huge disparity in how, say, Ramires of Chelsea is treated by refs vs. other players.

Do I just not know enough about soccer? Am I just sensitive because my team lost? Or is did anyone else notice it?

ETA: Yes, guys, Brazil sucked. I know that. But my point is that they are not the only ones that sucked, nor did comments of them being "undisciplined" only happen in those games in which they sucked, or happen in a vacuum.

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