I answered the phone at work the other day and the man on the other end asked to speak to the manager in charge of purchasing. We're a small business, made up of several one man departments, so everyone that works there is a manager in charge of purchasing for their own department. I asked, "For what type of product?" and the guy on the other end of the phone sighed and said, "Honey, just let me speak to a man. I'm sure a receptionist doesn't have purchasing authority."

Now, I know that was sexist. I happen to be in charge of purchasing for my department, so...whatever. What happened next is what I'm iffy about. The owner/manager just happened to be standing next to me, so I said, "Sexist asshole for you on line 1." I can get away with that because my boss is mostly cool. Then I stood up and went to put something away, but I happened to look back and saw my boss exchanging a weird look with my (male) co-worker. He asked me what happened, I told him, and then they both laughed. My boss said "Uh-oh, they made you mad, didn't they? Look out, angry woman on the loose." And the co-worker he was with was all "Look out!". It was a very 'Women, amirite?' kind of thing. I can't explain how it made me feel...it was sort of invalidating, in a way? Like I was being silly, when I feel as though I had every right to be irked. I didn't expect him to get on the phone and give the man a dressing down or anything, but a "Man, that's messed up" would have been nice.

My bosses are a married couple, a man and a woman, and there's other little things that are said that make me feel squicky. There's a lot of "If the boss ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!" being said in regards to Mrs. Boss. She does our accounting, and is usually way more on top of things than Mr. Boss. If someone screws something up, Mr. Boss will speak to you about and say "I need you to fix this, because if Mrs. Boss has to take care of it, I have to deal with her!" or some variation. Mrs. Boss and I are the only women in the place.

Also, the other day I was on a phone call with a customer while a co-worker was telling a joke to my desk neighbor co-worker. I didn't hear the joke, but as I hung up I heard the punchline: "...A woman! LOLOLOL". I turned around and said I hadn't heard the joke and asked him to repeat it, and he got all stammer-y and left the area. I know we're a small business, and I know we're all really close (we've been working together for years and years), but I just feel like a little respect and consideration isn't too much to ask for. Am I making too much out of this?