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Welcome To The Bitchery


Apparently some kind of shenanigans have been going on around here cause THAT ALWAYS HAPPENS WHEN I'M WORKING BACK TO BACK and I miss everything.


I'm so confuse.


You know I'm gonna miss this vampire sex show. I mean, when you've gone so far beyond jumping the shark, there's really no reason to end it. There's no coming back from Billith and orgasmic multiple fairy birth, but yet the show goes on and here I am watching it. When no one has any expectation of it being good, you can just keep parading Eric across the screen in different time periods and costumes and that will be just fine.


Oh yeah except one thing's not fine TARA IS ACTUALLY FUCKING DEAD???? Even if they are going to magically bring her back this shit is like half over. I've been spending the ENTIRE SHOW waiting for her chance to shine and explore her well-established potential and then THIS SHIT??? FOR REAL????

Anyway on to the show.

Wtf is up with Pam? Can't she, an undiseased vampire, just like insta-own all these mortal ninjas?


Me and James had a fight. Well he had a fight. With Lafayette, in a car. And it wasn't a fight.

"That vampire's makin' sense Lafayette." LOL OK

Violet's gonna murder Jason. She's gonna sex-murder him.


I don't think Violet's the type to just trash her shit when being cheated on. Def sex-murdering coming up.


"You're the mayor of crazy!"

"Hayl, he was a bonafide vampire god 6 months ago!" Astute, Jason.

Why are humans so srs about getting this disease. Just, like, don't let anyone eat you?


Of course Beel has turbo version of Totally Not Aids. Vampire Mailman don't want any of that shit.

This is the longest trip. It was morning before they even saw Tara. If I were Rutina and I read my part for this season I woulda just ragequit.


Good to know people yelling and grabbing you makes you suddenly not high.

I was very surprised when Wiccan Holly started on the fairy-shaming but luckily there was an instantaneous backpedal.


WELL! So much for good-guy Bill! Murdering up the asshole laywers because Beel is just chaotic neutral and also nobody knows WTF they are doing when they write his part.

"That wasn't me. I'm just sayin I'm a different person now! My name is Numi now, this is literally a new me!" she def got that name off a bottle of iced tea.


I don't believe anyone who pronounces ashram like that knows what an ashram is.

If she drank the antidote... ok, just accepting stupid True Blood rules that it will never leave her bloodstream or whatever, didn't her sister just bite her and gag on it? Or was that just some other kinda blood-gagging?


Ok for real Violet does not just leave a note. SEXMURDERING. WILL COMMENCE.

Going for the fairy first I guess.

Well, good thing Beel and Eric are so good at communicating, this super-V will totally not be a problem since there's a cure! >.>

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