The yoga article on the main page has me thinking. Is yoga really for everyone? I've been looking into yoga, as a way for me to get into regular exercise and help keep my back healthy. But, in looking at gear that seems recommended for yoga, the clothing and mats and whatever else seem so.freaking.expensive! I've been reading articles about yoga all morning, and looking at places in my area who offer classes. Seems like the first class is free, and then it's $50 plus for any more classes.

Why is it that our society, who lives and dies by 'being healthy' and exercising, has made it rather expensive to do? Yes, I could exercise for free by going to a park and running. But I need guidance, I don't know what I'm doing. And running is only helpful if you know how to do it properly. We make being fit such a priority and yet, it only seems attainable by people with a disposable income. We have had many a discussion about clothing being more expensive for plus sized people. Workout clothes are just as expensive, if not more. We also have talked about healthy foods being crazy expensive. How do you guys do this? How do you balance being healthy and being poor (If you are poor)? I'm currently looking into YouTube to see if I can learn some yoga that way, but it makes me nervous because how can one truly learn proper technique by watching a video? What if I end up hurting myself more?

I'm starting to think being healthy is just one more thing that's unattainable for people that don't always know if they'll have enough money for basic necessities.