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Yogurt problems

Guys, I need help. I love yogurt. Not because I'm a lady, but because I'm Bulgarian. It's in my blood. Now, I don't mean the fruity, flavoured yogurt. That stuff's alright, but what my heart yearns for is plain natural yogurt, the fattier the better. Yogurt's pretty popular in China, but I haven't been able to find any unflavoured yogurt, so I've been making my own. This worked perfectly over the summer, when it was warm, but now my apartment is cold as Satan's tits and the heat hasn't been turned on and long story short, my last three attempts to make yogurt totally failed.

I'm on attempt number four now. I've finally given up on my mom's blanket wrapping method and stuck the jars in the slow cooker, but it's not looking promising. I had it set to the lowest temperature while I was at work and when I got back, it didn't seem warm enough. The damn thing's in Chinese, naturally, so I have no idea what the settings actually are. I turned it up to the second setting and am giving in an extra hour or so, but I think it's too late to salvage it.

I need my yogurt, you guys. I'm like an addict and it's been way too long since my last fix. I even bought some super expensive imported pretzels at the European store over an hour away from my town over a week ago, just so I could have them with yogurt, but they have sat all this time in my pantry, unloved and uneaten.


So, anyone experienced with making yogurt have some suggestions, especially as relates to making it in a slow cooker? I'm using a dry starter culture that is not past its expiration date yet, so I don't think that's the problem. I need my yogurt. Help me, GT. You're my only hope!

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