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Thank you all for your outpouring of love and support on my whiny post the other day. I’ve finally broken down and made an appointment with my doctor this afternoon. This appears to be a full on systemic reaction, and I am so fucking over it. The rash has reached the drying out phase so it looks even more horrendous. It still itches horribly but now it also stings like a bitch, so that's fun. Yesterday I started feeling pretty sick all over and spewing from both ends (sorry, TMI) but apparently I hate doctors more than being sick because it took waking up sick again today for me to call. On the upside, LordSparrow seems to have realized how bad this is since he was a jerk Sunday and has been much more sympathetic since then. He told me last night that if I was still sick today and didn't take myself to a doctor he was coming home from work and shoving me in the car himself. So by end of day today I should know for sure what's up and be on my way to getting better. Hopefully this will resolve soon.


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