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Adam Levine? NO! .... Now it's your turn to vote!

I tried my DAMNEDEST to figure out how to make a legit poll here... but no such luck. So here it goes, here are the finalists from the super hot mid-day crowd y'all threw down this afternoon in response to Adam L. being named the sexiest man alive (legit Jez workers feel free to make this into a real poll!). I am going to put the top 8 here, place your choice in the comments, then tomorrow at 8 pm CT I will tally them up and declare a winner!

Benedict Cumberbatch

Alan Alda

Edgar Ramirez

Dylan Moran

Burt Reynolds

Idris Elba

Jon Hamm

Tom Hiddleson

Annnddddd GO!

ETA: I will count any recommendation star on the first comment of a thread as a vote for that person... HONOR'S SYSTEM Y'ALL!


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