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You are the best except you make me cry a lot.

Just over five billable hours has been raised in our gofundme! (It sounds kind of sad that way, but it's awesome!!) I should be humbled, but instead I'm just incredibly touched and basically cry or tear up all the time. gfm sweeps the $ into our account daily (less a 5% fee, which I feel is incredibly fair, honestly) and having it sitting there makes me feel how preppers must feel.

What can one lawyer accomplish in five billable hours? Heck if I know, but lets find out. Of course we're not stopping there - we'll have the ability in about a month to take a loan from our 401k (so you pay yourself back, which is nice), and if push comes to shove, we can do a hardship withdrawal as well. And we have some equity in our home that's untapped, and of course we'll explore that avenue if we take this in an even more expensive direction.

Anyway, no need to reply, just letting you know that you're the best, I know you're the best, and you should know it too.

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