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Welcome To The Bitchery

I don't know why I read any comments on dieting or working out on this website, because they make me insane. I discovered a new type of comment that bugs me, on the article about gym memberships:


The, "didn't you know that you can get in great shape in your own home FOR FREE? Only idiots spend money on Big Fitness!" Like this one and this one. I'm ranting because this is not limited to internet commenters. My gym is a little pricey (not the worst) but it is awesome, and huge, and it is one of the oldest gyms in the country. And I get all kinds of flack about it. It has an indoor pool, a women's only workout room, and countless other offerings. I LIKE IT. GET OFF MY ASS.


My grievances:

  • Everyone knows that you can get in shape at home (if you fit a specific set of criteria, more on that in a minute).
  • If someone has found a workout shtick that works for them but costs money, but they can and will pay the money to do it, LEAVE THEM THE FUCK ALONE.
  • If these people COULD get in shape at home, they probably would.

On that last point, I count "could" to include mental barriers. For me, being at home is endless laziness, distraction, and food. Hence, a gym allows me to focus and use my time wisely. I also partially work from home - I'm here all the time.


Criteria to work out at home: Please understand that if you work out at home, I admire you and think you're awesome. And I realize that everyone is different. This is a response to "DUH WHY DON'T YOU DO IT MY WAY YOU BIG DUMB FUCKHEAD" type attitudes.

  • Being highly self-disciplined when you are at home. As I pointed out, it requires the mental barriers of being at home not to apply to you. I get that many people do well at home.
  • Being very knowledgeable about getting in shape. While you have to have some sort of knowledge and plan to accomplish goals at a gym (either that or hire a trainer to do it for you!), that bar is set much higher when you are only using your own body resistance, a limited amount of space, and have little opportunity to vary your workout TOO much. If you have not had the time or will to do an extensive amount of research, you will be limited at home.
  • Having no one at home who will bother/interrupt you. Obviously.
  • Having space at home to spread out and do your stuff. I can't even properly do an exercise video in my house because of lack of large, open space.

I just hate-hate-hate people who have to snark on why someone does something the way they do it. It's something objectively described as healthy - working out - is snarked upon. "YOU IDIOT, SPENDING ALL THAT MONEY WHEN I AM THIS GOLDEN GOD OF FITNESS AND I DON'T SPEND A DIME!"


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