Turns out there was a larger point behind that exhibit. Un'ruly filmed a documentary about black body-politics in white dominated culture, and it includes not only footage of the responses to their Union Square event, but discussions about Sarah Baartman as well. I'm watching it right now, but hair politics make me nervous. Here's the video (it's in two parts):

Pretty sneaky, sis.

P.S. We've had convos re: derailing via white womens' hair problems over and over again and I'd like to move to a deeper level of discussion. So please, think before you post. Another reminder that while I appreciate and welcome diverse views this is my thread and I will delete you if you veer too far off topic. I'm the Avatar, and you gotta deal with it.

P.P.S. Big ups to Doit2Julia! for her thorough and well written coverage of the event when it occurred. Julia, you have yet to update us on the job offers that came from this article!