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you can't escape the country

I grew up in West Virginia, in a town that takes hunting so seriously that the school board gives school kids an entire week off for the first week of hunting season. I used to anticipate this time of year with dread, because the hunters in my town would hang the deer that they killed in trees in their front yards. I suppose it was a matter of pride. I always heard people talking about six point bucks or whatever. But it disturbed me, too, all that blood and gore on display. It is one of the reasons I was glad to go away for college and then move away for good.

But now Facebook has undone all that. Now the place to display your dead animals isn't just in the front yard, it's on Facebook. My news feed is flooded today with photos of people holding the horns of dead deer, of dead dear gutted and splayed out. If I ever bitched about seeing inside acquaintances' uteruses on Facebook, well, I can quit bitching about that because this is ten thousand times worse.

(Yes, I eat meat. I don't object to killing animals for food; I object to gory displays.)

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