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You can't make this up

Florida, Florida, Florida

So breaking news is—-Broward County submitted their numbers from the crazy recounting they’ve been doing TWO MINUTES LATE and the state will not accept them—their original count numbers will be used.


I think they will still move on to the hand re-count of problematic ballots but any votes fixed by the recount won’t be included.


I feel like Marc Elias will have some plan for this but honestly???Two minutes????

Updating—so the problem was—Broward let some employee do the reporting and they “didn’t know how to work the website” so literally hundreds of thousands of $ spent on this recount are for nothing.

Oh and Scott’s campaign person is on MSNBC saying “how come all the counting errors are in Nelson’s favor?????hmmmmm????”

That’s what we want to know.

And in the unbelievable gall category—-remember this Republican who said if Mike Espy invited her to a lynching she’d be in the front row?
Now she thinks it would be a great idea to make it harder for “some people” to vote. Trump has given these people freedom to be right out there with this—they literally have no shame. I sent Espy some $ last week, I need to go send a little more.


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