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You Do Not Fuck With People I Care About

The roommate and her partner reported my friend/romantic interest for being in my room while I was in class. A few things:

-Technically, I broke a rule by leaving him in my room while I was in class, however...

-It's a long story but he had nowhere to go and I obviously wasn't going to toss him out


- Her dumbass partner doesn't LIVE HERE so he had no right to do that

Thankfully, nothing ended up happening, I assume because front desk knows and trust me. But guys? They went after him to hurt me, and I am so, so mad. You do not go after those I love. It makes me angrier than just going after me.

So on Tuesday I have a meeting with res. I told them he got into a screaming match with me about a bag my friend left in the kitchen, the reporting, and everything else. Honestly, I feel bullied but this was the last straw. I hope to get him kicked out.

Fuck him. I hope he gets hit by a bus.

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