For those of you who don't know, Major League Baseball's World Series starts tomorrow (!!!), and the WBC is supposedly coming to St.Louis this weekend to protest the games. I know the WBC doesn't even deserve consideration, but the reasoning behind their objection to the World Series seems pretty out-there, even for them. Here's a direct quote from their press release:

“The worthless strutting peacocks of these two baseball teams…will wallow in a sea of blood-red as they pour their energy into glorifying themselves instead of God. ... Very fitting that these two teams should be symbolized by red – for the blood of murdered unborn babies by the millions, thousands killed in unrighteous wars, and bloody fag filth.”

Say what? I know this is just a ploy for attention, but I can tell you now this probably isn't going to go over well in St.Louis (my hometown) because Catholicism and the Cardinals are both taken very seriously there, and this nonsense is an affront to both institutions.

You can read more about it here, if you feel like having your eyeballs roll out of your head.