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So remember when I asked for advice about my young co worker who works under me. Well, it all came to a head today. Becky, (yes she’s white, no this isn’t her real name) messed up a bunch of orders, was goofing off a bit too much, bossy where she wasn’t the boss, and was very rude to me, and talking over me when I was helping a customer no less.

So I pulled her aside, and told her very nicely and respectfully, that I was her supervisor, I understand that she has these instincts but it’s important to be respectful, not to alienate her peers, and how she could improve her performance in the future.


So first she complains to another co worker that I think I’m above her, the worker pointed out to her that not only was I very respectful to her but that I am her supervisor.

So then she went to my manager and SHE CRIED. SHE CRIED ACTUAL TEARS.

So then my manger came to me and I told him everything that happened.

He affirmed her problems with messing up the orders, goofing off, and interpersonal relations. While I wasn’t reprimanded he said and I quote: “I know, but you just need to let her be because becky is sensitive and we don’t want to hurt her feelings.”

Y’all. Y’ALL

I pointed out to him that he himself constantly and consistently correct and reprimands Mark ( not his real name) our other server, who is the same age as becky. And he says “Mark can take it. He’s a boy.” Then I bring our other server who is becky’s age, Teneshia ( not her name and she is biracial) he sort of mumbles and stutters, but can’t give me a good reason. (Obviously it’s because she’s biracial and identifies as black) He does however make sure to reiterate that in the future I need to coddle becky. And apparently this is the directive that has been given to the entire staff in regards to her. I just didn’t know because I’m still relatively new.


And in this moment I had a deep fundamental understanding of why some white women are the way they are. They wanna be the boss and they wanna be in charge and wanna act however they wanna act, but they don’t want to be held accountable. And no one does because FEELINGS.

Listen. I am too grown and too black. TOO GROWN AND TOO BLACK, to let some 16 yr old white girl act crazy to me. Becky you gon learn some valuable lessons. You might be able to pull that shit with white men and some black men, but no black girl in this world is going to let you just do whatever the fuck you want.

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