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I hate this attitude. HATE. I was just reading an article about a child pyschologist who doesn’t have kids who is told this on the regular. Because your million hours of internships and clinicals and with your face pressed to 8 different textbooks at once mean nothing.

As a first time pregnant lady, I’m told this all the time. All the “you just waits” with winks and all that jazz. Lady in the grocery store line, my little brothers are 12 years younger than me and I was pretty much a built in nanny. I’ve cleaned poop out of so many surfaces because my mom would gag and vomit (then I cleaned that too!) when my little brother decided that poop was the most fun thing to play with. That stage lasted about 2 years. He’s also autistic. Before he had the right medication, sleep was not a thing he did. You would have to have been unconscious to be able to sleep through the all night yodeling kiddo did. So I’m pretty prepared. Yeah, I know, I’m never going to shower or sleep or wear clean yoga pants EVER AGAIN!!!!!1!!1


You want to know what you don’t understand that your child’s perhaps childless psychologist does understand? Your baby can’t see your pretty pastel nursery until they’re 6+ months old. YOU’RE UNDERSTIMULATING YOUR CHILDS BRAIN WITH THE WRONG COLORS OH NOOOOOOOO.

On a more serious note, your child’s psychologist has worked with kids who are not your kids. Yeah, you might be the expert when it comes to your own children. Your child’s psychologist? They have experience with a wide array of children. They have them fancy book learnins that you may not have. They have logged thousands of hours compiling thousands of pages about the specific disorder your child might have. Always do your own research (from reputable sources, not Facebook) and be an informed consumer of data, but however few or however many children your therapists loins have produced, know that they are probably knowledgable in their field and don’t need their own brood to know what their talking about.

Being a parent is one of the biggest changes that could happen to your (specific) life. Being a parent does not make you better than others. Being a good (relevant) parent makes you awesome, but it doesn’t make you some sort of messiah put here to educate everyone else on what they’re doing wrong with their lives. It does not give you some secret access to a wealth of knowledge that only a parent can have. It is not the only road to love or empathy or fulfillment.

/end rant

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