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You Ever Just Have A Good Feeling About A Day?

Well I had that yesterday. Just the "today is going to be a good day" feeling.

So I read a book the Prince had lent me months ago that I never got a chance to read, and it got me out of my mind for a bit.

And my best friend came by and we got sloshed and blasted hip-hop and did the Soulja Boy dance in my living room.


And it was the first time both of us laughed like maniacs in a long time.

And the Prince received a book I had ordered for him and sent to his house, and his voice softened and was gentle when he said "it's perfect, thank you."

And him and I are getting dinner Sunday night.

My best friend and I ate tons of donuts and we laughed at how we're both so awesome and in love with morons. And I ate a lot of food yesterday for the first time since Tuesday.


And a strong feeling of peace came over me at some point and I came to accept that whatever will happen will happen, and if it's right then it will stick.

And today the sun is shining and I was able to get out of bed, and even though I'm hungover and can't stop pooping I feel happier than I have in a long time.

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