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On the same day that I deal with this, my mother got an unpleasant, though hiliarious, introduction to anti-Latina racism in the States.

My parents are vacationing in Maui (their logic is if they're going to make the trip to see me on the West Coast, they might as well make the trip to Hawai'i). This means that after five days 1) My Galwegian dad is a worrisome shade of red, and 2) they've finally concurred on the proper pronunciation of Mai Tai.


My father has learned enough Spanish/Catalan that he can keep up with my mom, so this afternoon while they were enjoying a few 'my tyes' at the hotel bar, they were talking in the unique Spanish/Catalan/Irish-accented English that characterises conversation between my parents. Low and behold... the bourgeois woman at the table takes it upon herself to say "Great, now the Mexicans can afford Maui..."



WTF? Beyond not being able to comprehend how someone could just assume that a Spanish speaker was from Mexico (or Mexican-American), to say something like that is in so many, many ways, completely and totally unacceptable.

One of the things that I absolutely love about my mom is that at any given time she is completely and totally uninhibited when comes to calling someone out. And so she did, and then some. That woman (who is apparently a Spanish teacher, are you fucking kidding me) got a lesson in;

1) Geography. *Points to the almost entire continent that speaks Spanish, and then the Iberian peninsula*


2) Iberian History (Do not ever, EVER call a Catalan 'Spanish'. Or a Basque. Or a Galician for that matter. Not until they've referred to themselves as such. It's complicated)

3) Human Decency

As the daughter of a former Catalan immigrant (my grandmother came to the States, spent 8 miserable years in NYC, and then repatriated with an Italian husband), my mom has absolutely zero tolerance for xenophobia or racism.


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