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Welcome To The Bitchery

You, good sir, are bad at compliments

TW: weight loss?

Someone finally noticed! I've lost 20 pounds but trying not to make a big deal about it because it's a touchy subject. In fact, I have mentioned it to exactly no one. (Well, except for just now when I mentioned it to the whole internet). I was so excited that someone noticed, an excitement that lasted approximately 32 seconds before he spectacularly ruined it. Here is our word for word conversation:

Dude: Wow, Smore, have you lost weight?
Smore (gushing): Almost 20 pounds, you're the first person to say something!
Dude: Yeah, well. Your ass looks great.
Smore (not longer gushing): Umm. Thanks?
Dude: I usually just notice your boobs, but I see your butt now too.
Smore: Okay. Umm. I think your wife is calling you.



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