Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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You got the day off? (bonus: list of unconnected thoughts)

I do too! I didn’t realize I would until Wednesday, because while I remembered it was Easter this Sunday (because I have my own secular heathen traditions), I forgot that Good Friday is a thing.

I think I’m going to paint all day. I am rarely inspired to just MAKE things without a prompt or a commission (although I have a commission to start planning out). I have an artist friend who has been recently BLOWING UP and her work is kind of just simple and joyful and it makes me get the itch to paint something.


What are y’all doing?


Things I’m thinking:

  • Why does my hair smell like cigarettes? Did I sleepwalk to a bar? (my husband and I do not smoke)
  • My 10lb wienerdog has been moving her bed around the house when no one is looking and making my hubs and I think we are crazy. How can she move that thing!?
  • I need to make an Easter hat but it’s supposed to rain. I am thinking maybe I can combine it with my umbrella hat but I don’t want to wear that if it doesn’t rain. It gives me umbrella hat hair.
  • My coworker is in Europe visiting her son who is studying abroad and I am so jealous.
  • Hubs and I decided we are going to visit Montreal for a long weekend for our first anniversary in October. Does that sound like a good idea? Tips?
  • I recently started having someone come clean my house. I am no lady of luxury and we had to tighten up on some other things in order to do that, but the payoff has been huge. Years ago my therapist told me I am old enough that I need to stop waiting for myself to turn into the adult I always thought I’d be (which includes being one who likes cleaning, like my mom).

The end. (until I have an edit to add)

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