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I just saw Emma for the first time today, the one with Romola Garai, and SO MANY WARM FUZZIES! SO MANY!

I've been trying to read the book for ages but it just hasn't happened yet, and with Emma Approved starting tomorrow and my friend suggested it, and well, we went through the whole thing. And it was wonderful! Even the terrible bits where Emma was an awful person to Harriet or Mrs. Bates. Well, maybe not those, but it was better when she got over it. And poor Jane! Poor Jane Fairfax! And Harriet! I kept hoping things would turn out all right for Harriet, poor dear.

Anyway, now I really do have to finish the book, so we'll see how that goes. I love Jane Austen, I just keep getting stuck at the part where she makes Harriet turn Martin down, because you just know that's a terrible idea and she does it anyway. Maybe now it's time to go watch Northanger Abbey or Pride and Prejudice again, or go read Mansfield Park.


Anyway, I'm going to stop squealing like a small fuzzy animal right now. Or not. It's hard to control emotions. What are your favorite Jane Austen stories/interpretations?

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