Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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You guise!!! HE ACTUALLY LIKED IT!!!

I am making this sausage and peppers recipe! Weesh me luck on having my human liking this! I dunno if I wanna serve this with frozed texas toast or with those tubed flaky biscuits he likes so much.

ETA: The house now smells of garlic and rosemary and tomatoes. I tasted it and it's powerfully spicy and garlicky. If he's not happy with this I'm going to bite him.


ETA: ETA: HE LOVES IT! HE ESPECIALLY LOVED THE SUBSTITUTION I MADE, BY ADDING A CAN OF DICED TOMATOES-WITH-CHIPOTLES! He wants more sausage though and for it to be served on hamburger buns and we were sweating the entire time we were eating it and he had to wipe his forehead clean of sweat twice while we were eating. HA! I WIN AT FOOD!!! This hopefully makes up for the fact that I served raw-in-the-middle porkchops yesterday that had to be nuked for an entire two minutes to be safe to eat. I was just worried it would burn, is all! Soon, I will be made of magic.

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