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You guise!

Look what I have purchased!

I've been needing a new bag for ages. My bag is currently a ripped up burlap grocery bag and I am not even joking. Anyway, a couple years ago I decided to stop buying whatever cheap fashion bag because they don't last and they cost way more in the long run, and instead, buy one nice bag a year.


Well this year I'm on mat leave and that's just not possible, and I can't find any good quality affordable bags anywhere.

BUT! I just saw this one in the oxfam and picked it up. It's leather and looks to be well-made. £6.99!!

Now, how do you get minor pen marks out of leather?

PS OMG YOU GUISE I just looked up the brand and it's some exclusive handmade in England brand and the bags on their website go for around £800. ERMAGERD

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