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You Guise guess whats being rebooted

So happy one of my fav shows ever is getting rebooted. What you ask. Well hold on to your hats this will blow your minds. Xena, Warrior Princess. Sam Raimi AND Lucy Lawless will both be involved. It will be on NBC. The word “modern” reboot scares me. I pictured a show where Xena is reincarnated as a Boston police detective who becomes Xena when tracking down killers and her best friend Gabrielle is the Boston medical examiner. With Joxer reincarnated as the goofy eager detective younger brother of Xena and Callsito reincarnated as their good hearted and funny mother. With Ares now living inside the tough, grouchy but kind older detective.

I suspect it will take place in a future like on Hunger Games since the article referenced the character from the show.


Oh let’s face it Rizolli amd Isles is the closest to Xena today minus chakram. Sometimes I wonder if the dynamics between the characters wasn’t inspired from the show.

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