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You guise...I am cold. :(

And I can't complain about it on FB, because no one pities me there.

Okay, so maybe I posted a picture of me getting my tan on and swimming on Christmas Day, and maybe most of my friends/family are in much colder climates. But still.

Pity me! It's below 70 and I am wearing a long sleeve thermal top (found in the bottom of a drawer, I didn't even know I had it!), scrub pants (because they are my only pajama pants), and fuzzy socks.


I'm kidding, of course. How are y'all doing? I miss GT! I've been so busy with work and stuff that I haven't been able to check in with you guys in a while. What'd I miss?

ETA: A Merry Belated Christmas to those that celebrated! And Happy New Year!

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