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You guise, I just got a recording...TW, animal abuse *update*

...of my neighbor who beats his dogs, fighting with his dad about the dogs getting out. I got the video playing as fast as I could, but I missed the actual dog hitting part.

These are the assholes with the mean dogs (because they beat them, duh). Their dogs are getting out now, and glamgeek already had a $15,000.00+ ER visit from a different jerk's dog.

I'm going to call the cops & see if having the audio helps. I'm shaking and right now because I can't stand to hear them hurting those animals. =(


Wish me luck? Happy, calming, or funny gifs?

UPDATE: Well, nothing happened. When the cops showed up, they had just sprayed down the patio (that constantly reeks of urine & feces because they don't walk the dogs), and the animals were totally behaved in front of the cops. Which may actually be a good thing. Maybe they wouldn't bite a kid/person if they got loose, since they showed some self control with PD?

They were given warnings, and the lady-cop (who seemed rad, she wrote our animal cruelty laws, I'd love to buy her a coffee) told me it's okay to call 911 if they hit their animals, leave them outside in poor weather, if they get loose, etc.

She said if I can get a video of them beating the dogs, they can use it in court. So I guess that's something. Still, sheesh.


I just don't want them to know I called, they kept asking who called on us. =(

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