Because all this sexist/racist/classist Beyonce hate is making me gleefully vengeful. I just want to Beyonce bomb everything.

I was a casual Bey fan before. I liked to shake my butt and "girl-power" out to her as much as the next girl, but I wasn't ride-or-die for her. But this album blew me away. Just...everything I love about Pop/R&B music right now is in this creamy creole butter-cake. Perrrfect for single-yet-horny-yet-depressed me right now.


And it was done makes me so so proud to be part of the same race as her and to have a big ass like she does. Like...y'all don't even know. All the love this woman shows for her ass lifts my spirit and self-esteem like none other. For much of my adolescence I was ashamed of my ass- kind of like many girls with big breasts tend to get ashamed. I tried so hard to minimize my butt because it made me stand out and marked me for ridicule and racialized sexual harassment. Mileygate pissed me the fuck off and was pretty triggering. But this???? To see this woman in charge of and proud of her own sexuality? To have so many people say: yes, this woman's body is beautiful. Yes, this woman deserves respect. Yes, this woman is amazing. I can't tell you how it makes me feel. Makes me wanna walk with a vengeance.

Even so I would've cheered for her and been happy and that would be it. But all of the hate going on brings out my inner troll. My inner contrarian. I'm watching all the comments on Gawker and Jez and cackling, barely holding myself back from beyonce bombing everyone and everything in sight.


Whew! I didn't know that all came out of me. Imma go calm myself.