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ETA: Here's what I ended up getting, thank you very much!

cinnamon raisin bagels, honey mustard hard pretzels, peanut m&m's, a butterfinger bar, and lemonade flavored gummy snacks ;P

They're putting braces on me... on Thursday. I'm not very vain, I don't really care how it'll look. I'm not worried about the pain, I had them when I was 12. I just don't like the ordeal. My orthodontist seems nice enough. I know my teeth will feel awesome when it's all said and done, I know time will go faster this time around, and I'll really take care of my teeth... I'm not worried. I'm just... impatient! Ha. I want it all done with. I already asked my young friend Ella for what she missed eating. Her main thing was gum. I don't chew a lot of gum. I know I popped a wire last time around on a hard pretzel.


The main gist of this post: Any other suggestions for last hurrahs before Thursday morning?

Gratuitous UB picture as a thank you. America (the actress) is just adorable.

Please feel free *not* to use this space to talk about your dental woes ;) I have pretty bad teeth, and usually like to suffer about my horrible mouth-stuff in silence.

I mean, you can if you want. The vaguer you are, the more comfy and okay I will be with it. ;)

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