I'm all excited! Work gave me all three days off, so me and the Rat Husband are going to go have some alternative history fun times! I have some stuff to do today, prepping our costumes and repairing the harness that holds my giant clock key on my back (note: losing weight means that an nonadjustable harness that holds a heavy pvc/clockwork fake key on your back by the power of magnets and boobs suddenly does not fit. Oops.)

This is a really last-minute thing for us. I wasn't even sure we were going to be able to go until this week, and I just found out I have Sunday off this morning. We are going by the grace of friends who are paying our way, otherwise we'd both be sitting about the house instead. Money's been tight lately. But some of my favorite people are going to be at this con, and it's right down the road from us, so we don't need a hotel room and we aren't going to be stressing the Devil Cruiser too much, which is a huge plus, since it's out only car and it really hates us. It's running, but only just. And that is entirely due to our con-helping friends as well.

Speaking of costumes, this is the dress I'm going to wear with the clockwork key (key not shown, cause harness):

The key: (this is actually the Rat Husband's key. Mine broke and we never repaired it.) The actual clock key used for reference is hanging from it.


And we are going to wear our wedding Time Lord robes for the first time since the wedding!


So... I have to go find the Rat Husband's pants and vest, and put a load of whites to soak in some bleach (my white gloves are VILE and need some whitening) and fix the harness and generally do a lot of sudden needed costume maintenance. Stuff to do! And I should go upstairs and play with my new serger! STUFF TO DO.

What are all of you wonderful Groupthinkers doing this weekend? Share! Entertain me while I do laundry and brush off hoop skirts and petticoats and iron stuff! I'm in a FABULOUS MOOD!

Edit cause I forgot: The Convention is Con Temporal in Raleigh, NC.