Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

At Goodwill yesterday I noticed a book called Johnny Tremain. In the 1970s in grade school we had to watch this when it aired on network TV The Wonderful World of Disney (NBC?). It was a Disney live action movie about the American Revolution. I found it boring as a kid and never seen it since and basically forgot about it. Well until yesterday I discovered the book by Esther Forbes, a paperback in bad condition for $1.99 (usually pbs are 99 cents but some clerks put them at $1.99 usually the Thursday person). It was published in 1943 by Esther Forbes, this was a reprint.

For 99 cents I would have bought it for $1.99 no.

Anyone else recall this movie? I can't recall it ever airing since the 1970s. Is it as boring as I recall?

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