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Welcome To The Bitchery
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You guuuuuise. I want a wedding.

I don't want to be married. I just want a wedding.

I'm one of those people who really likes both weddings and planning parties, so the idea of my wedding is like, the best fucking thing in the world. I get to plan a whole party about me and my dude! FUCKING AWESOME!


But I don't want to be married at this current point in time. Not that I don't love Consort and all that jazz, but, just...no. Marriage isn't a thing on my radar. Finishing undergrad, applying to med school and supervising kitten playtime are way more important things right now.

But still, I want to plan a wedding. I've been talking to Greenheart about hers, and a couple of other people I know are getting married, so I'm all "aww I want a big white dress and stuff!" Cuz I'm that person. I asked my mom "can I just, ya know, have a wedding...with myself? Cuz I only want the wedding and party part, not the husband part." She said I totally can. If mom said I can, then I can!


There's no point to this. I just want to complain about my non-existent wedding. I'm also getting my period so I'm contemplating removing my uterus tonight.

*Sigh. Gonna go pop some Pampin, derp around on Pinterest and go back to watching Orange is the New Black now.

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