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I am so essited/nervous about my date on Tuesday. It's so silly!

I'm supposed to skype with the boy tomorrow. On Tuesday we're grabbing drinks at a bar in Park Slope. He's so lovely! I hope this works out pleasantly.

We've been texting for days. Sending each other pictures of us making silly faces. He also loves Game of Thrones so in regards to my red hair, he told me I was kissed by fire. And I call him Lord Snow as they share a first name. And he said he'll play Rains of Castemere for me on guitar. And he invited me to his band's show IN MAY. That's a month away! AND he's driving in from Staten Island to pick me up so I don't have to take the train by myself on Tuesday.


He's just so pleasant and polite and delightful. I'm posting pictures tomorrow of my date outfit so you guys can tell me if it's good or not.


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