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You guuuuuys... (Whine and Open Thread)

I’m home sick. :( Homey and I had a sweet date night planned (dinner at our fancy tapas place then going to a gorgeous theatre to see Lon Chaney’s Phantom of the Opera with an organist playing live).

But before food even came at the restaurant, I had to leave the table due to... ahem... acute intestinal distress, shall we say? Unfortunately, before the meal was over, I had to visit the restroom twice more.


I decided I couldn’t go to the movie, so I left Homey downtown and his brother’s headed down to see the movie with him. And I’m home, watching old RHONY and feeling sorry for myself. Whinge, whinge, whinge.

Anyway, how are y’all? Anyone else home tonight? Whatchoo up to?

ETA: I feel like a super whiny baby after seeing Vulpita’s post. It’s not so bad to be sick.

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