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You guys!!!

Two things: 1) people write "you guise" and I read it as "you clothes" and therefore will never be one of those who types that in a headline, and 2) I just got back from a work party. There was free booze and gay boys and now I'm tipsy and my love for Dr Dre has grown again, because he's my favorite when I'm drunk. The Next Episode is like a happiness lullaby or something.

After ignoring my feet that had grown tired of the stilettos I had shoved them into, I took my teeny, tiny steps back up the gravel parking lot to my car. The party was continuing, but I was done. As I walked, I smiled when I remembered that I, like thousands of other single women, had a date with Jon Snow waiting for me on my DVR at home, and I did not feel bad about that one bit. I was leaving a party populated by bachelors who want nothing to do with me, so I was not hurting by leaving without flirting. And this really is one of the better dates a girl could have!

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