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Ferguson kids: bumped for day folks

When I showed up in Missouri, I hooked up with one of the teams who'd been livestreaming the longest. We got separated in the mess. The next morning, we checked in on each other. One of the team had to go home after he was targeted by police and beanbagged in the clavicle. I agreed to step in to keep the stream running, because a warm body was the thing that was needed. I don't know much about tech, so they've been helping me with the footage.

The next night, the cops changed their strategy. It was still hairy, lots of tension and arrests. Thank God, that was the worst. They did set up an approved assembly zone, so that people could stay, contained, as late as they wanted. When it became obvious that there would be no further violence, most of the media went home. These kids, though, stayed. They talked to me a lot, about insanely personal things. We were all a little fucked up. It's intense to see a war game come to life.


This original group of overnight kids has turned into a completely legit movement. They're organizing, gathering supplies, forming a c3. They have scheduled, energetic marches. They are staying. They will not move. My heart breaks for what they are processing and how they are processing it, in the fishbowl. They are strong, resilient. Amazing.

But they understand their place in history. They know that the world is watching, has to watch. They understand what that means, or at least they do as well as anyone could. You can find them at @lostvoices14. They need supplies, which you can mail directly to the site they stay at.


You can find some of the footage online. We'll keep uploading as we edit. Much of what we talked about was too personal to post, and we're only just starting to get through the video files. But there was one kid in particular that I talked to. I am still trying to learn what he is teaching me during this conversation.

[ETA] the YouTube channel is

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