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You guys are friends. This is like a friend call.

It's been a week and a half since I encountered a pair of coworkers at counseling.

My therapist, wonderful gal that she is, checked the schedule and discovered that they have an appointment at the same time as mine, meaning we'll have to share a waiting room. She started my appointment early (I am always early) to deliver this news, saving me from the awkward repeat encounter last week. She offered to reschedule the standing appointment time.


I am of two minds on this. The first is that I am a ferocious woman, I do not believe there is anything shameful about seeking help for anxiety and depression issues before they ruin my day/week/month, and I should be able to handle this. The second is that, not unlike FluterDog, I prefer to tuck tail and run from unpleasant social interactions as a first option. I haven't decided which I prefer in this situation.

In the meantime, I seem to be running into one of the coworkers every. fifteen. seconds. And I never noticed if this was the case before, but he seems to have become a jellyfisher. (I'll pause while you get reacquainted with classic 90s cinema.)

Intentional? Unintentional? A sign that he is as uncomfortable as I am, and this is how he's (subconsciously) handling it? I don't know. I do know that he mentioned hearing a lot of practicing coming from my office and said it was "almost too good to be an undergrad, so he wasn't sure."

Ever the awkward, I sort of laughed, but thinking about it in my living room and now I'm mad.

In other news, I had a leftover Easter cupcake with a bunny's face on it, and Sh*tty K*tty just ate the bunny's face while I was looking for Bridget Jones videos. Cats are weird. The end? (Kitty cannabilism gif!)

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