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You guys are reading Sploid, right? TW cute spiders, BUT, spiders

Because you should definitely be checking out sploid.gizmodo.com here and there.

Today I came across this article on macro-photographed jumping spiders from around the world and OMG, they're sort of terrifyingly ADORABLE.


So, here's the jumping spider common to my locale, suuuuuupppperrrrrrrr closeup. (Expand it! Do it!)

CUTE, amirite? The funny thing is that I HATE spiders, but they're even cute in person. Seriously.


ETA proof of cuteness from a comment I made over there: We had a jumping spider (black and white, common in Texas) that lived in/around one of the chairs on our back porch, and it was always kind of fun to "mess with" it - as in, move your hand a little to the left, it'd move - just a little - to the right. Make a sudden move toward it, it'd rear up and threaten you. But it was so cute. (Yes, it cutely threatened. I promise.)

Also, commenter JSWilson64_g says: Jumping spiders and praying mantises are the only two "bugs" that will actually acknowledge your presence as another being. At least that's what my entomology professor told us.


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