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You guys, I am a terrible person

Not really, but I felt like such an asshole yesterday. I kind of forget that not everyone finds my sense of humor funny and didn't even consider that I might be in mixed company.

Yesterday I went shopping for bridesmaid dresses for one of the weddings I'm in this year (there are multiple, I don't even know how I'm going to do this). I know and am friends with most of the other girls in the wedding party, except for the bride's future sister-in-law.

As we were driving from salon to salon, one of the other girls mentioned how much she wanted Chick-fil-a and that it would still be wrong to pay someone to get it for her even if it is the best chicken ever. I said something to the effect that it was delicious because it's made from the tears of religious repression and ex-gays.


Her future sister-in-law was really quiet after that and didn't talk the entire time we were at lunch (where I also notice she was wearing a WWJD wristband) and left before everyone else without saying a word.

To be totally honest, I wouldn't be sorry that I had offended her with a joke under normal circumstances. I do feel like an ass in this circumstance because we're in the same wedding party and the bride is a dear friend of mine and I hope I didn't make anything difficult for her.

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