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You guys, I gave myself a very unfortunate hair-cut.

So, last week I gave myself a nice bob and it was cute and I liked it, but I really really love having short short hair.

Yesterday after my psychiatrist wouldn't see me, I had a little nervous breakdown and decided to cut the rest off.

It's very... patchy. I usually cut my own hair, but I was a little unstable yesterday and the result is less than perfect.


Now, I can dye it blonde (it's brown now) but I don't know if it'll hide the problem spots. There's one almost right in the middle of my head, and one sort of above my right temple.

I can't wear hats to work, but I have some headbands that hide the spot above my temple. I need some bananas!

I hope this grows out fast. Willing to accept advice.

Edited because bananas was supposed to say "bandanas" but the bananas thing made me laugh so I decided not to delete it, hahah

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