So far my week at Mr.Dudes family beach house has been like this:

So super fun dudes!
But now, I just finished my last swim and I looked like this:

Because the "beach" was Jamaica Beach on Galveston Island. (It's all I have guys!) So I've showered and am so happy and content and stuff. It's just me, Mr.Dude, his brother and Mr.Dude's step dad who is basically like his Co-Dad, they <3 each other. Which makes me be like this:

I've had SO much fun you guys! I'm only a little sad that my cats are stuck at home (Mr.Dude stayed late and would go home every night, and at lunch every day to feed an snuggle them. He is a great cat-father). It's been a little hard, because normally I'm like this:


But it's been fun and nice and relaxing (besides the nightmares, but still, my awake time has been fabulous!).
Also, we are having a crab boil tonight because I love crab and they love me! Woot! And since it's our last night, I get to see my kitteh-behbehs tomorrow! And they are being SO.FLIPPIN.CUTE! (We had to bring my plants in,because the complex is working on our porch. Please excuse the dirt and leaves and stuff, I haven't been home and Mr.Dude doesn't care about that stuff. Also, excuse the box in the fireplace. We don't want the cats going in there, and we are shopping for fireplace doors.):



Aren't they great?!

Alrighty! So tell me something great that happened to you this week! Or share a picture of your cats! Or a picture of tasty food you had this week! Let's just share happiness!