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You guys, my eye candy has not been to work!

This is just a rant to blow off my frustration... Since I can't talk to my friends about this - who don't seem to be interested that I actually have a crush on a guy for the first time in *years*... This is about my co-worker, on whom I have a crush that will never be returnedn (I already wrote about it)... He's been gone the past two days! Sick, I presume? He was actually supposed to talk in our group meeting this morning so it must be pretty bad -but of course it's a government job so all anybody has said is "R is not here today" - duh. And, since we don't work directly together and I have *absolutely* no reason to ask about his wearabouts... I don't know if he's really really sick... And to top it all off, I look at the "out of office" calendar - and he's on vacation for the next two weeks!! I'm not going to get any eye candy for the rest of the month! GAH! Oh well. Nothing is going to come of this anyway... and there are other cute guys but this one I get to see at least once a day (usually, sometimes more) and I *like* him. Even though I don't interact with him one-on-one (and I'm still getting to know everyone anyway), I can tell from the way he talks and acts that he is super smart and thoughtful and he seems to be generally well liked and respected. So, anyway, it won't be so exciting to go to work the next few weeks but maybe I will stop being so distracted...lol


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