bump for philly meetup tonight?

I MEAN TONIGHT! WEDS 6/18 I might bring my recording device! ETA: I wonder if we should meet in the Balcony Cafe like around 6PM 6:30?! If you DM me or email me at snacktasticandcheese@gmail.com, I'll send you my phone number and then you can contact me if needed. I'm reliable, btw. I've met quite a few gters at this point in real life :) I'll make a little sign! And you'll know it's me!


You guys still in for Weds June 18th Philly Meetup?

I was looking on the website and there is a Beer Tasting even. And a fashion film, Versailles '73 that I'd like to see. THIS COULD BE FUN. I don't have to see the film.

Answer below and I'll start up with names: Snax, Slay (maybe), Packedlunch, Cmonskinnylove, Bitcherina?