omg, this public hearing is VERY entertaining.

The Republicans are beating the crap out of him and the Democrats are throwing everything at the committee they can. GO JERRY NADLER!!!!!

A bunch of my house favorites are on this committee and I could watch this all day. Even Peter is smiling at the pissing matches they are getting into.



This is Stzrok’s response to Trey Gowdy’s opening number. The gallery applauded after this.

ETA to update—-We’re almost 8 hrs in with 2 breaks—one a real break, one for the congressmen to go vote—and Pete is still hanging in there.


There are 72—count them 72 members who get time to question him. A bunch of them are yielding their time to Gowdy and Jordan to attack but this is going to take forever.

We are having a second round of Democrats reading nasty Republican tweets and statements about Trump right now. Go Jamie Raskin.