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Welcome To The Bitchery

You guys will appreciate this!

I had to attend a baby shower for a cousin today. It's me, my mom, my grandmother and my two aunts in the van. On the way home, they (my aunts) had the audacity to start complaining about my sisters recent Facebook posts, in particular her 'ignorant comments' about the Hobby Lobby ruling. They were carrying on about how religion is more important, those women should have to pay for their own baby pills, etc. Etc. Basically all of the Fox News talking points were being pulled out. My mother is silently seething in the front seat and my grandmother is just totally ignoring them. Here's where I come in.

I looked at the older of the two, and asked her if she wanted her daughter, who has endometriosis, to pay for the meds that keep her well. She said no, and I asked her what meds she takes that she shouldn't pay for. Guess what? It's fucking birth control! The younger aunt (late 50's) then tells me that I'm over reacting, and that if I had children I would understand these things. I'm still not sure I understand why that matters. They both then started to argue with me that maybe women need to be more aware of their finances and then they wouldn't need to have insurance pay for BC. This is where I just lost my mind. I reminded both of them that they are middle class white ladies who both had military husbands. Who lived on bases in the US when they had both of the children. And who the fuck are they to presume that they know better than women in a lower class or single environment? I started out calm and just completely lost my shit and started ranting at them about how women are just becoming baby vessels and as the older generation, they should understand the struggle more than ANYONE and they should consider being helpful, not hateful. I spent a good 20 minutes berating them, and damn I feel good. I've been putting up with their horrible rhetoric for as long as I can remember, but I just can't take it anymore.


One of them texted my mother after dropping me off, to ask her to not invite me to family functions for awhile, apparently I was very inappropriate and have no right to talk to them that way. I'm pretty sure this is not a punishment.

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