Had a long afternoon now that I'm healthier and back at work

Because I got a lot of shit done. I wanted to leave early but for my image I stayed and did some tiny housecleaning items until I couldn't stand it anymore and bailed at 4:45.

See, the other more hardworking attorneys handle their "real" cases get in earlier so they can chat with the receptionist and play games in her office for an hour. I get in a little later because I live farther away. I also try to work at work, and I do, and when it's finished, it makes me crazy to be finished and sitting around.

My fiancé says I'm an entitled millennial paying her dues; I say I a brilliantly efficient juvenile public defender.

You guys will never guess what

I got to leave work! I would have left when I didn't have any work left to do/was drained of energy from all those client meetings, but of course I feel the need to put in facetime in front of a senior attorney who I think thinks I'm a fuckup. Oh, office politics.

In better news...I have been networking some among the juvenile defender community and my future looks pretty bright once I get some more experience under my belt and I have the option of Mr. McCoy-to-be's health insurance. Good things are being said in the metro area, people! Good things are being said.