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You Had One Job, Wallet!

Is Tuesday too early in the week to be done with the rest of the week?

I have lost my wallet, and it's thrown me into a huge funk. But this isn't about my screw-up. No, this is about wallets.



I've come to the realization that while it's convenient to have everything in one place, that also means that once you lose track of that place, everything has gone to hell. Thus , you are carrying around everything valuable to you and the only thing that keeps you from leaving it like one would leave an umbrella or a hat is the crippling fear of losing it and having all of your valuables out in the world. It's the fear that someone will use your moment of weakness for nefarious deeds. It is the fear of having to put everything on hold while you cancel all your cards in this new age where you can thankfully get another one within a week, but will have to scrounge up enough cash to make it through the week on real-life money. It's the fear that your sense of security and class is based on pieces of plastic and paper, and it can be lost in the time it takes to stand up and walk away.

Not to say that wallets should be burned and we go back to the bartering system, but it sure as hell feels a lot less complicated than losing your wallet.

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