Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

It's the wrong night for me and the violence in Chicago post. Icky day inside my head so I've cracked into the Idols of Inebriation which makes me unable to post witty or insightful responses to people's comments full of bull shit who won't do anything about the problem in my city inbetween RIGHT NOW and when the next "violence in chicago" talk piece comes along (hint: it'll be when school starts).

I live in Chicago and used to/still want to live in Uptown where I had a few shootings happen directly around my apartment... and this was 5 years ago. My experience is barely important compared to some in other neighborhoods but this scheduled scandal whenever the weather is good and there's a holiday is really boring from here. This problem exists all through the year and in many other neighborhoods across the nation but only gets attention when people feel like it.


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