I have been noticing Royal Doulton, Lenox and Hummels have been not keeping up in price and falling big time.

We were at a consignment shop. I noticed in a glass case a 1980s Royal Albert Beatrix Potter figurine. Now in the 1980s in retail stores they went for thirty dollars and up with them going on sale to the eighteen to twenty dollar range. Well I said “mooom could you come here”. She came over and said she had that one. She was on the other side of the glass cases. The cases are really for jewelry with one section for good stuff, usually good wqtches and figurines.Well it was priced at eighteen dollars. Now I know the owner and she bases her prices for nonfurniture at ebay prices. Still I thought she lowballed the consgner. Nope. When we went home same figurine sold on ebay for a dollar less.

Its amazing how low these figurines are on ebay. I thought Royal Albert plus Beatrix Potter they will go up in value. My mother said she paid about twenty in the 1980s for it

Either those prices are depressed due to Royal Albert being part of Royal Doulton or as I suspect this market has pretty much collapsed and dead.