Welcome To The Bitchery

You know how a cat gets a claw stuck in carpet or upholstery

and they start tugging and bitching and then get even more aggitated when you try to help and start saying “JUST RELAX YOUR PAW”! and attempting to unhook the claw and they fight you and look at you like it’s all your fault?

Well it’s even more fun when that claw gets stuck in the skin on your clavicle and the cat is fighting you and trying to get down but they can’t because their claw is EMBEDDED IN YOUR SKIN and you are trying to get the claw out with one hand and holding the cat up so they don’t start to fall with the and do even more damage with the other. And when you FINALLY get the paw still and the claw comes out with a POP and then you get up for the Neosporin and the cat is all WHY ARE YOU BOTHERING ME?


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